Svi već dobro znamo da tekstilna industrija zagađuje okoliš i šteti prirodi. Danas Vam donosimo šest materijala koje  bi tekstilna industrija trebala koristiti kako bi smanjila onečišćenje i utjecaj na okoliš. Pinatex je umjetna koža koja se proizvodi od lišća ananasa; umjetni materijal proizveden od algi izrazito je otporan, a zatim i nekoliko poznatih materijala poput vune, lana, pamuka i ostalih prirodnih materijala.

Nadamo se da ćete i Vi nastojati koristiti više ove materijale kako bismo očuvali našu planetu.

Priču donosi Cyrielle Bichot, a originalni članak možete pronaći ovdje.

We know nowadays that fashion is a polluting industry. If some of them choose to consume differently by buying clothes second-hand or by choosing clothes-making with ecological materials like cotton, here we have six others materials unknown by the people while they could save the planet by producing less pollution than traditional textile production. First of them is the pineapple leather realized from the leaves of pineapples grown in the Philipinnes, then there are the “squids in”, a protein located in squid ring teeth which can be used in a lab to create fabrics more durable, and finally, other materials more commons as wool, linen, better cotton and lyocell, and other natural fibers. Thanks to these examples, we can hope for a friendly clothes production, more respect for our planet.

Story by Cyrielle Bichot, you can read the original article here.

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash